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Istanbul Modern, Karakoy, Istanbul

Overlooking the magnificent historic Istanbul peninsula, Istanbul Modern is a brilliant initiative. It is a museum of modern art which exhibits modern, contemporary pieces of art with impressive permananet exhibition and noteworthy temporary exhibitions. I think it is one of the must see places to visit in Istanbul.

The location is also perfect for a nice relaxation. For the added joy I recommend you to visit the restaurant. The restaurant area has a very minimalistic, fresh design that matches perfectly with the great scenery. The foods are also nice but I recommend the cocktails. The Modern Cocktail I have tried last time was excellent. Drinking a cocktail is all about pleasure. So it is worth spending some time and talent together with the use of fresh ingredients when making it. If it is done properly it all worth’s the price you pay. If not there is no point on drinking if you ask me. In some of the high-end places in Istanbul, I have very bad experiences concerning the preparation of Cocktails. Here however the gentlemen took his time and prepared it with care and he used fresh fruits when making it. This respect he had shown to preparation is what I liked.

The restaurant of Istanbul Modern is probably one of the best places in Istanbul to have a good time especially in the midday enjoying yourself watching the great scenery. The chic, modern and stylish ambience also adds quality to the place.

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