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Mavi Pide, Hisaronu, Turkey

There is a very nice restaurant on your way to the Datca or Hisaronu from Marmaris. It is called Mavi Pide. It is located just before the Bozburun, Selimiye Junction. Their initial place was just after when you turn left from this junction and it was a primitive place. But this new place is totally different. The tables are located under the shadow of the nice trees and also there is a small water stream passing alongside the tables. For a restaurant located just near a major road, this ambiance is something unexpected. The specialty of the restaurant is not the ambiance however. It is their remarkably good “Pide” (A famous Turkish Food which can be described as a Pizza Like Bread but different in taste) Varieties.

The “Pide” with char grilled aubergine is what some loyal customers have recommended to me. But I tried my regular option, which are Pide with minced meat, and Pide with Cheese. The bread was cooked very properly and the ingredients were all fresh and tasty. I definitely recommend you to try this restaurant if you like Pizza like bread based food.

One Response to Mavi Pide, Hisaronu, Turkey

  1. ATMANI November 1, 2010 at 1:13 pm #

    Excellent food, you must stop at this adress on the road to hisaronu…. it’s really a good table. Enjoy this place.

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