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Roka, London

An update on the post : Over the years Roka became one of our favourite restaurants. Their consistency to deliver superbly presented, tasty food everytime is what I like most about it. With time our Sake taste has also developed. Personally I prefer drier, less fruity Sake. In terms of the variety: Junmai and Daiginjo are the styles I go for.

Upscale Japanese cuisine is hugely popular in London. Zuma, Nobu, Hakkasan all refer to this cuisine in a beautiful way. I think each of them have its unique attributes. Roka, within those selections is the one that perfectly matches with my personal taste. It has a relaxed atmosphere, with beautiful wood dominated décor. The setting is more informal than the other upscale options. The food and service however is excellent.

The open grill takes the central stage here in Roka. The Roabatayaki Cuisine, in which the meat is cooked through a chargrilled barbecue is the specialty. I like this concept very much. The tender meat prepared by this process is extremely delicious. The Lamb cutlets with Korean spices and Chicken Skewers were the items I ordered for the main course at my last visit. In addition, all the sushi and sashimi selections, tempura and dumplings I have tried so far were also yummy.

We choose Sake for our second visit instead of wine. The main reason for that is their beautiful serving of cold sake if you order it for a carafe or more. It is presented in a wooden box full of ice, and the process of pouring it to your glass is noteworthy.

When it comes to the service quality, I am also impressed with overall performance. Staff is really polite and helpful. I like the attitude they show as they assist you throughout your dinner. I had visited Roka twice and the only thing that went wrong was they were a bit late to bring our selection of wine and it was due to some mistake I guess. They immediately apologized for this fault and I said it is totally fine…

Roka offers a very elegant upscale dining in a casual setting. Their foods are top notch, the service is great and the décor and atmosphere is warm and trendy. It is one of my top recommendations for dining in London.


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