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River Cafe, London

Finally, I was able to arrange a booking and experienced the highly reputable River Cafe. The very first thing I will say is book at least one week in advance to find a place. I had hard time to get a place even for a lunch on sunday.

There is a very friendly atmosphere with a touch of blue everywhere. This screams mediterranean allover the place. Since it’s an Italian restaurant that mediterranean feel has a strong presence. The gigantic wood fired oven completes the bright and lively interior styling. From other comments I understand outside space is also lovely during summer time.

The quality of service and the positive mood of the staff here is a differentiating factor. To be honest the only one criticism according to some  people’s comments is the relatively steep price point. Despite the modern and fresh outlook however, the experience is perhaps taught of as a fine dining experience. With the finest ingredients cooked beautifully it’s the value that comes out as a result. Still, this totally depends on your expectations and mindset. And considering how popular  River Cafe is, it is obvious Londoners appreciate that strategy.

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