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Deniz Restaurant, Yalikavak, Bodrum

Hasan (Deniz Restaurant) is my first choice if I am hungry and all I want is a well-grilled fresh fish. Especially if I want to eat Çipura, Levrek or Sinarit I prefer here because the juice and aroma of such fish can easily be spoiled if grilled improperly.

Hasan bey, the owner of the restaurant is standing behind the grill, cooking all the fish to be grilled ever since I was child. I do not remember any time of my visits within this 20 years that he left this hard task to someone else.

Almost 20 years a go this place was a very small local fish restaurant. Now, the place is famous especially among the highly sophisticated Istanbul crowd.

In spite of the fish, other seafood and the meze`s (Turkish starters) are also overwhelming. However, what I order here is quite simple. An Octopus Salad, Haydari and Salad as a starter, A fried Calamari afterwards and a nice fish for the main course. You can go with oven-cooked helva as a dessert. Helva is a perfect companion and a finish for a lovely “raki-meze-balik” kind of night.

Reservation Number: +90 252 385 42 42

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