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schaferstubli outside

Schaferstubli Restaurant (Hotel Julen), Zermatt

One of the best things about Zermatt is the rich variety of dining options. Schaferstubli is one of the restaurants I like most in this village. The décor is rustic and traditional and the ambiance is warm & homey. The specialty of the restaurant is lamb and the menu is concentrated on items containing lamb […]

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Sophie`s Steakhouse, Fulham Road, London

Many years passed after my  initial post below about Sophie’s. Today, it is still  one of the preferred hotspots of the Fulham road and is still as lively as it was before. The only difference is London’s steak offerings increased tremendously in recent years and there is a stiff competition on trying to be the […]

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Gaucho Grill, Piccadilly, London

Ohh Steaks.. The juicy, tender Argentinean beef. Nothing can stop me from enjoying a good one. Here at Gaucho, the steaks are of high quality and the atmosphere and decor is very classy. The personnel are helpful and polite. Gaucho is one of my favourite places to enjoy a good juicy steak in London. They have […]

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