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Muhtar Kucukbuk

Muhtarin Yeri, Kucukbuk, Gundogan

I am not sure if I can write an unbiased review about this place. There are several reasons for that. I am a summer time resident of Kucukbuk as of 20 years now and a customer of Muhtar from the very first day.  The hospitality and friendship of Muhtar together with down to earth character […]

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Reana, Gundogan, Bodrum

  This trendy seafood restaurant is one of the most popular places for dining in Gundogan. The owner is a true entrepreneur that converted his long lasting supermarket to a successful restaurant. Eventually, the result is a chic atmosphere. The grilled fish has a very good flavor in it and the small touches like adding […]

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Kaptan’in Yeri, Kucukbuk, Gundogan

Update to the post: it was 2009 I first wrote about this place and 7 years have passed till then. Kucukbuk has changed quite dramatically up until then. It’s not a small bay with only few summer residents now, so the beach is quite crowded now. And Kaptan’s place is now a patisserie which still […]

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