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Crea Cafe

Crea Cafe, Amsterdam

Update to the post: It appears that the location of this Cafe has been moved to another place. Part of the reason  I wrote about this place was because of  its beautiful location, therefore I am not sure  if any of my comments below applies to where it currently is. Crea Café is a really a […]

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Princi, Bakery-Cafe, London

How should I describe this place? Is it a patisserie? bakery? A café ? A Restaurant perhaps? One thing I am sure is that their desserts, pastries and pizza varieties are great. The food is fresh, I mean really fresh.. Thanks to the high turnover of customers, there is a continuos demand. Food comes out […]

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Aubaine Cafe, London

If you look at the reviews for this restaurant you see the reactions are a bit mixed. From my perspective it is a decent cafe with decent food. Especially, I recommend it for a weekend breakfast. The pastries are nice. Service is timely. My experience shows that if you can make it before 11 a.m quite […]

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