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Richmond Hill Scene

Roebuck, Richmond Hill, London

I love Richmond. It gives me the feel of a Mediterranean Landscape in London terms of course. What you get is a Thames view at its best, a nice coastal walkway, couple of nice restaurants riverside and wonderful parks and gardens. In this setting what impresses me most is the view from Richmond Hill where […]

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Crea Cafe

Crea Cafe, Amsterdam

Update to the post: It appears that the location of this Cafe has been moved to another place. Part of the reason  I wrote about this place was because of  its beautiful location, therefore I am not sure  if any of my comments below applies to where it currently is. Crea Café is a really a […]

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Mavi Bar, Downtown Bodrum

One of the oldest and well known bars of Bodrum. It is a nice place that you can sit and enjoy quality music. Quite often you can find live music performances as well. Rock is the popular genre. To see all our Bodrum comments on Google Maps please click here

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Korfez Bar, Downtown Bodrum

Korfez used to be my regular spot to have a drink in downtown Bodrum at nights. You can enjoy rock classics like Sweet child of mine while drinking your beer. The usual habbit here is to hang out just outside the entrance and watch the people passing by from the street. To see all our […]

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Kuba bar, Downtown Bodrum

Kuba is one of the most well-known, upscale nightclubs of Bodrum. Although the place is lovely when it has a good mix of crowd it can become too much crowded especially in the peak of the summer. To see all our Bodrum comments on Google Maps please click on this link

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