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Archive | Places to See in Turkish Riviera

Mazi Koy, Turkey

Mazi is a beautiful hidden gem near Bodrum and in some ways it reminds me of what Bodrum looked like 20 years a go. What I am missing now is the simplicity of small villages and the cute little town feeling attached to it. Mazi is a much smaller village though. It consists of a beach […]

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Knidos, Aegean, Turkey

Knidos is a magical place. History, sun, sea and nature all meet at this point where Aegean meets Mediterranean. Knidos is an ancient archaeological site and it has an impressive historic background. Main ruins include two ancient theatres. When you visit here by boat, you witness the mysticism of the ancient site together with the […]

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Olympos-Cirali, Antalya

Olympos, with its ancient ruins, mystic mountain routes and its beautiful sandy beach is one of the most noteworthy destinations of the Antalya Region. The access by car to the shoreline is only possible from Cirali, which is a small village. In Cirali, you may find plenty of accomodation from basic to luxury. Cirali and […]

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Kabak, Near Oludeniz, Turkey

If what you expect from a summer holiday is somehow different than the mainstream; this part of Fethiye offers you endless possibilities. Butterfly Valley is among one of them and Kabak is another very good option. The last time I’ve been in Kabak was in 2004.  After a trekking activity that lasted about half an […]

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