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Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Of the whole islands I have been in Mediterranean, Menorca has this something that impressed me beyond it’s natural beauty. What I mean is not a tangible thing but rather a feeling you get after you spend couple of days.

Yes it has one of the finest selection of beaches. Yes it is easily accessible from major european cities and yes there are plenty of hotels and restaurants for all tastes. But apart from all those pluses it has this element of peaceful, friendly welcoming local people and from your first moment at airport this element makes a remarkable impact on your experience.

One of the other things is even in the midst of the high season at august, it has a positively refreshing crowd. It is not loud and chaotic. Although packed, beaches are not full of those eager looks and noise making groups. At the same time it is not like this sterile, strangely quiet, overly boring family oriented resorts that I happen to see over the years. It’s clientele is a harmonious blend of young and old, singles and couples, families and youngsters. From the casual resort lover to the sporty novelty seeker hiker, from no hassle handy beach lover to the seeker of secluded spots it offers something for everyone.  The magic that touches everyone is the freedom and respect.

Of course the must have’s of any mediterranean experience sea, sun sand is also on the table. In addition amazing Balearic foods are another note to make. However, this  positive vibe that is in the air is what makes Menorca a truly special place in the first place.


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