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Cholmondeley Arms 3

The Cholmondeley Arms, Cheshire Countryside

The Cholmondeley Arms is a unique experience in many ways . The decor is charming and cosy. Attention to detail is noteworthy. It is a fine example of how an authentic pub should be . There is a very nice cottage right next door to the pub. There are 6 unique rooms in the so called “Headmasters House”. The rooms are rustic and simple but gives you the understated feel of a country home. It is  like  getting a retro second hand cloth but in a very good way.

The ambiance is  where sophistication meets with casual. The feeling of medieval times blends with todays comfort. It is closest you would get to the definition of “warmness”.

Food was also very good. Appetizers were just mouth watering. However  there could be a tiny little room for a bit more sophistication in main courses.  The cherry on top however was the fantastic gin choices. Matching the gin to the tonic that fits best  was something very new to me.

The crowd is mostly the fashionable locals. I am really glad we have stayed at this lovely pub. It was a truly remarkable experience. I would return very soon.

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