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Le Lavandou at Night

Le Lavandou, French Riviera

Le Lavandou is a lovely seaside village in southern France which still keeps it authenticity. The tourists blend in with the locals nicely in summer time .

We had a lovely evening in our visit to Le Lavandou.  First had a nice dinner in one of the restaurants located alongside the shoreline and it was very good. Later, we had a quick walk around the village.

One of my refreshing memories about here was to watch several locals playing the  famous local game Pétanque.  I think the one we came across was a good match because there was a huge crowd who were highly engaged with the activity. The pitch for Pétanque is any straight surface  so in the case it was the village square. Locals and tourist all seemed to be sharing the excitement together.  That was the sprit I really appreciate.

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