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Souffle at Chez de la Rose Julienas

Hotel Restaurant Chez La Rose, Beaujolais Region

After a drive of an hour or so from Lyon we were in the wine-making village of Juliénas in the Beaujolais Region. We parked our car to look for somewhere to eat and we ended up in the Hotel / Restaurant Chez la Rose. We had no reservation and it was a bit late but the lady that greeted us was very kind to offer a table and we were seated.

The courtyard has plenty of space for several tables. The setting is simple, yet elegant small touches create a charming layout. In addition thoughtful table preparation and white sheets adds up to this feeling.

What was also remarkable for us was the cheerful and friendly attitude of the service personnel. It really brought a good mood to our first night. Although the staff spoke very little english we had no trouble communicating (when the intentions are there language then is not a barrier after all)

It was a nice summer evening and the food was superb. But one thing I still remember vividly was the dessert. Oh boy, that mouth watering Soufflé made my day. Long story short a definite recommendation if you are around this area.

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