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Poissonerie Laurent, Cassis

Poissonerie Laurent, Cassis, France

Spontaneity is good ! I mean, at least occasionally. It was the first time we have been to Cassis and we were walking alongside the marina and saying, what a lovely village. After a moment of idleness, we were reminded by our bodies that we are really hungry. Thereafter we find ourselves in a rather picky mood to find  the right spot for a good nights dinner . The hard part was, there were many  restaurants; each positioned side by side and they were all full.

Relying on our senses and perhaps with a bit of luck as well we queued in front of Poissonerie Laurent and asked for a place. Obviously, it was fully booked but we agreed to wait a while. The reward was, we were seated to a very nice table outside.  And it led to a  very pleasing dining experience.

The decor and service of the restaurant is casual yet elegant. Exactly what I would hope to get in a local fish restaurant. Yes, it has a sort of touristic element attached to it but hey, you are in the French Riviera. The fish soup was amazing, the moules were delicious and the beautifully grilled fresh Dorade (Sea Bream) was all I was looking for. Together with a nice bottle of white wine ( from the region) it was a  very memorable experience for us.  Note: if you are the strict planner type then I would suggest making a reservation, because yes it gets very crowded.

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