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Cassis in Summer 1

Cassis, Provence, France

The French Riviera has always been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the entire Mediterranean. Spectacular it is, yes. But in some ways it owes its  fashionable status to the updates from  celebrities as well. As a result, masses flock to the region every summer to be part of this “stylishness” .  Not to forget the show offs people recount back home telling “how well spent  their holiday was”.

This route  from Monte Carlo – Nice – Cannes to  Saint Tropez is what the French Riviera aka Cote d’Azur is all about. However, when continuing further west in the riviera,  the landscape gets even more fascinating. And for the better, it also becomes relatively  less crowded. Perhaps this is why, Cassis,  which is probably one of the cutest small village in entire Riviera, could still keep its  authenticity.

Downtown Cassis is really lovely. Especially when you reach the harbour you are amazed with the wonderful scenery.  All along the harbor  there are various restaurants which have tables outside. You can enjoy your food overlooking a beautiful scenery.

But this is not the only specialty of Cassis. The Calanques, which are small inlets,  formed by limestone create an amazing natural setting . Walking alongside the pine trees which  then connect with spectacular rock formations is breathtaking. On top of that, the small beaches formed in shoreline gives you a private and secluded feel.  The Calanques can be accessed both from the sea by renting boats or from the land via a trekking route. Although the distant ones would require serious stamina, the first couple of them could easily be accessed by an hours walk.

Finally, for the lazier ones there are also different beach alternatives in Cassis. My favorite is Bestouan Plage, which is part shingle part sandy beach. The quality and color of the sea is absolutely amazing here. Though, even in August the water could get really very cold  around entire Cassis !!

Finally, do not forget to try the famous and beautiful white wines of the region. By the way, Cassis is only an hour driving distance from the Marseille Airport.

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