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P&B Burger

Patty & Bun, James Street (Near Selfridges), London

I was really starving the other day and all I was hoping for was to get a tasty burger and thanks to mobile technology I have figured out this fantastic place. Patty & Bun is a small burger restaurant that did have all the elements I was looking for from a place like that.

A cosy interior which has a character, an enthusiastic staff and proper burgers of course.

The burger, oh boy! It is delicious. The bun (brioche), which for me is always the key ingredient was so soft and yummy that while having the first bite, the only thing I could think of was for the meat to live up to the expectation. And you know what.. Yes, it did. My medium rare, was still juicy inside and overall the taste simply made me smile..

The only thing to note is, in such a busy location, with a space that can only accomodate couple of tables (no reservation policy) it could take a bit of a wait in rush hours.

Note: Image taken from the website of the restaurant.


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