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Restaurant Meneghello, Palmižana, Croatia

If you are looking for a remote, peaceful and exclusive holiday, the Croatian Island of Palmižana (Sveti Klement)  might be a good choice for you. Assuming you don’t own or rent a yacht, you will be arriving Palmižana by small boats that depart from Island Hvar.

Palmižana’s exclusivity comes from the Meneghello family that helped in building a paradise of cultural tourism. Restaurant Meneghollo is proudly showing off what the pristine Palmižana has to offer. The restaurant is a part of the tourist complex of the Meneghello family that comprises  300 hectars of protected nature reserve, surrounded by a botanical garden full of cacti and other types of plants. The original Meneghello family have recently celebrated their 100th anniversary in dining and tourism. The cuisine of Palmižana has been declared one of the best in the Mediterranean by various magazines, and one can not agree more after having gone through the same experience.

“Dine in an art gallery” is what the Meneghello website says. The signs directing you to the restaurant along the paths are an evidence of that indeed. Restaurant Meneghello is not located at the shore, but rather on one of the trails. It might sound as a compromise, but once you are inside, the scenery is outstanding.  Upon entering the restaurant, you feel in the air the touch of exclusivity . The atmosphere is chic but at the same time comfortable enough and the tables are not put together too closely. The menu has a wide range of sea food and fish, however we indulged ourselves so much in the food so I completely forgot to take notes on the menu. Still, after so much serotonin I manage to remember the original olive oil mixture that is patented by the Meneghello family.

We ordered a mixed plate of sea food that includes fish, scampi and grilled squids, and another plate of fried squids as starters. Although I am not a fan of it, deep-fried Mediterranean shark also was delicious. I ordered mixed shells and mussels with garlic for myself – it was way beyond my expectations. The taste was awesome – I even enjoyed the “mussels soup” at the bottom of the bowl. It is definitely worth trying, together with hand-cut french fries and local Karlovacko beer. Another main course was risotto with shells, and the bowl was more than enough for two people. For risotto lovers, it is strongly recommended. In general, it is safe to suggest that servings are quite large and the ratio of quality to price is very well.

There are absolutely no cars on this lovely, small and green island, but instead there are many trails for hiking and small bays to spend the whole day in peace in this island which is renowned for the highest number of sunny hours in the Mediterranean.


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