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sands end

The Sands End, Fulham

An informal feel, yet stylish in its simplicity… Those two words would be my starting reference point for the overall impression I get about this lovely Gastro Pub. As for my comments on food, I won’t be able to give you the thorough picture of the whole menu for this time. The reason for that is our mood for a passionate conversation with our highly esteemed friends surpassed our hunger for the food itself. Therefore, we kept it simple and ordered just main courses. But I should definitely say my selection of beef was very delicious. It was tender and carefully made with all ingredients mixed up in a great harmony.

As a final comment; the local crowd in the pub adds a very positive dimension to the general ambiance. In short this all package is what I like most when I look for a quality pub in a neighborhood. But I would definitely come back, this time starting with scotch eggs and will try some other mains as well.


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