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Belgo Covent Garden

Belgo, Covent Garden, London

I  enjoy restaurants that offer a laid back, informal feel with quality. Oddly enough, I enjoy it even more when it gets slightly overcrowded . In my opinion, such an atmosphere is vital to create a social ambiance . Belgo, in that regard is a perfect place to gather with friends, get some good food and drink proper Belgium beer.

A pub like chat in a dinner setting is what I really like here. In addition, the decor and atmosphere is truly unique . It’s basement where the restaurant is located with it’s cage like feel  and see through kitchen makes a unique statement.

Belgo has an extensive beer list which we had gone hands on. We tried many delicious Belgium beer such as Duvel, Orval, Chimnay and Cristal. Coming to food, we have ordered several food to share first and within that selection;  “Mariniere” from the house specialty Mussels list was very delicious. Another remarkable piece was the pan fried king prawns in garlic sauce. Our main courses were also good but to be honest I was more happy with the appetizers than the main course after all.

In short I am really happy to find out Belgo in this prime location (Covent Garden). To have an access to variety of different beers and the convenience to get socialize with my friends around a table was the unique selling proposition for me.


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