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Banyan, Ortakoy, Istanbul

Last month I had two wonderful evenings at Banyan. To be honest it was the first time I had been there. It was strange because I am a huge fan of this area and already love the couple of places nearby and Banyan is a reputable, stylish restaurant. Therefore I should have tried way before.

Anyway, lets talk about the view first. It is fantastic. You have a full command of the Bosphorus view in it’s finest landscape. Especially the layout of the bar is so cleverly designed that you have full access to the romantic view and at the same time still benefit from the vibe of the restaurant as well. The bar is also an ideal place for spontaneous visits or to socialize with friends for more informal occasions.

Coming to restaurant, I must admit I wasn’t expecting food to be that good. The reason is, quite often in such prime locations, the focus on food becomes mediocre. But from what I see Banyan did not make that mistake and the food was really top notch. Just to be more specific, the cuisine is described as Asian Fusion Cuisine by the restaurant and for a curious description like this i was a bit reluctant to see if this all would live up to expectations.

The result for me is fantastic. I especially liked the BBQ offerings referred as appetizers in Satay Corner. Especially the Mini beef Satay was excellent. For the main course, my fillet steak was excellent. The flavors, everything were creative yet not over done. Just right balance.

In short in both the visits I enjoyed both the bar area together with the restaurant itself and I highly recommend it to anyone who want to have a nice dinner in a lovely Bosphorus setting.

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