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Hazienda Food 1

Hazienda, St Anton Austria

In one of the nights we dine out in st. Anton we picked Hazienda. It is a lively place that serves really good food. The cuisine is Italian but it also serves some traditional Austrian dishes too. The ambiance is also lively and entertaining. It also has this nice bar area you can sit have a drink and order your food as well. But be aware late at night the place gets crowded.

 Let me comment on our dining experience. Our starters Carpaccio and Garlic Cheese Bread were both fantastic. Our waitress was cheerful, helpful and energetic, a combination not easy to find these days. My main course roasted beef with pasta was just right. Yes it was not like a fancy gourmet style food but it was totally delicious. The only thing to note probably was that since starters were so good it raised the expectations for main dishes as well. I mean everyone seemed happy with their choices but I could see some did not find it overwhelming. But again this was probably because they pick the wrong food for their taste.

For me, this was one of the best dining experiences we had through all our week. One final note to make is the good selection of Austrian Wines.

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