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Jack Wills & Aubin Wills, London

I’ve been intrigued by the designs of Jack Wills immediately after I saw their store in Kings Road. Their style is primarily focused on the clever play with the colors & designs that are influenced by the British private school heritage.  The cuts are sleek and mainly custom fit. I think company positions itself as a premium brand therefore the prices also follow that route.

The be smart, look smart kind of mantra that utilises the heritage of Oxford and Cambridge as a design language  has a strong influence on Ivy league design as well I think.  In U.S. Ralph Lauren successfully built an empire focusing on that very concept. From what I see in Britain Jack Wills uses a similar strategy to position itself as a mix of A&F and Ralph Lauren. The outcome is a unique style. For a man in his early 30’s probably I am not the expert on those matters but I like the energetic, sporty but at the same time stylish and urban clothing concept. Luckily the brand came with Aubin & Wills branding recently to target people like myself as well.

My final words regarding this brand is;  although prices are rather in the premium end, I am wearing what I bought happily, frequently and confidently!

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