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Schwarer Adler Table Layout

Hotel Schwarzer Adler Restaurant, St Anton

Was it St Anton’s young crowd who probably prefers a cold pint of beer to a fine dining any time or was it our former meals, which were nice, but far away from a gastronomical wow factor I don’t know but the reality is I did not set my expectations for this night high. The fact is from the moment I entered the hotel I realized that I was wrong. The first impression I had was about the table layout. It was probably a bit over done but it gave me this aristocratic feel, which I liked. Candles, chandeliers, bread, butter, wine glasses and the design of the table all were quite impressive. Having seen this layout one would unavoidably think about the bill to come, but yet again it was not the case. A very decent price for what we have experienced.

Coming to food, I ordered soup as the starter but guess what: the chef was kind to offer some very exquisite starter for all of us. In a small cup say part shrimps, part salad, part cheese or cream this was a real gastronomic pleasure to taste. My soup to come afterwards although was very good I could not take my eyes on the amazing rabbit that my wife ordered as a starter. Oh my god what a truly magnificent piece of food was that.

The quality of the food also improved the mood of the table suddenly. We were a bit down for the fact that it was our last night that day. But then on here we were enjoying our wonderful Austrian pinot noir, which was exceptional for its price. My main course the deer was also a festive for my stomach.

I should also thank our waiter for his kindness and manners. My final words are to the chef though. Thank you for turning our night into a real special one. It was a true gastronomic event. Well done.


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