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Asia de Cuba, St Martin’s Lane, London

Did you ever stay in St Martins Lane Hotel in London? I personally didn’t but I was in Asia de Cuba which is inside this elegant and uber chic hotel last month. I was quite curious about the design, which is designed by Philipe Starck, and my thoughts:  it is a very fine example of elegant and fresh contemporary design.

We spent some time in the cocktail area before getting seated. It was Saturday night and after having a quick glance, my observation about the crowd is that they are mostly people who come to celebrate an occasion. At least the mood gives you that impresion. It was not overcrowded like a club like atmosphere and the elegant ladies serving the cocktails was another remark to make !

Coming to restaurant, fresh yet elegant design is the first to notice. Yet again white is the main color there. The bookshelves and framed photos covering the columns surrounding the inner space create a warmer look. The whole concept is a careful combination of modern, friendly and elegant. I also like the entrance area where the symetric bar stools welcomes you.

The service was also very friendly. The waiter who served us still seemed energetic even the time was around 11 pm. From what we have tried Wagyu Skewers was my favourite. The food was very good and the portions were big. I should admit that I was in such a good mood to share some quality time with friends that all the dining activity came second in priority. But after all, isn’t it the reason we want to go out in a fancy restaurant with loved ones. The conclusion is, it was a night to be remembered.

Note: The image shown above is taken from the website of the restaurant.


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