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Schaferstubli Restaurant (Hotel Julen), Zermatt

One of the best things about Zermatt is the rich variety of dining options. Schaferstubli is one of the restaurants I like most in this village. The décor is rustic and traditional and the ambiance is warm & homey. The specialty of the restaurant is lamb and the menu is concentrated on items containing lamb specialities. I always favour restaurants that have some specific competency, something that makes them special. In this case, the concept of lamb was the specialty.

Our main course selections were lamb ribs and a fondue with lamb. Both of them were excellent and the serving was also nice. The wine we picked up for this night was a local choice. It was  Humagne Rouge de Leytron. It was a mid priced well balanced choice that really go well with the lamb.

Just after we finished our main courses the lady serving us kindly asked me if I would like to have the stock remaining from the fondue as a soup. Enthusiastically, I said yes. Then she added, “how about adding a bit of brandy on that”. This was the moment that cheered me up. I said, yes again. This time more enthusiastically.

The whole experience was really good and I was really glad we picked here for our last night in Zermatt. Highly Recommended.

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