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Ristoranti Maccheroni 03

Ristorante Maccheroni, Rome

Maccheroni is a small local restaurant that is about 5 minutes walk from Pantheon. There are also some other nice cafes and restaurants surrounding the area. I really like the mood of this area. Just do few turns from the busy streets and there you are in a relatively less crowded nice street.

The kitchen is the centre of attention in this restaurant. You can see the ingredients, preparation and everything from the glass. The service personnel is friendly, the interior is cosy and the décor is simple yet authentic.

The menu is not complex but isn’t it something I was hoping for. The homemade Roman cuisine is the focal point. At the centre of menu there lies some wonderful choices of pasta. I was so hungry I opted for a starter, pasta and second course afterwards. The mozzarella as a first course was incredibly tasty that with the olive oil and bread I just ate too much. Then my Pasta, I can’t remember its full name but it was Maccheroni something with bacon and pecorino cheese. It was also good but perhaps because of the effect of cheese; it was a bit salty for my taste. For my second course Carpaccio, after all this food I had eaten I had almost no place. But for the sake of my love for Carpaccio I had some. The house wine was also a decent choice. Given the price and value you get out of it, it is also a considerable option.

The prices were also modest when compared with some fancy overrated options or more touristic but character lacking restaurants. I said to myself “well, it was a nice pick.”

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