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Obika, Kanyon, Istanbul

Kanyon, with its unique design and open-air form is perhaps the only shopping centre I like to spend time. Especially the top floor where the restaurants and cinema are located is like a trendy fashion district.

Obika is the newest restaurant opened in this area. Without knowing what will yet to be open, I was hoping for something different: Different in terms of cuisine, style and décor. Luckily, Obika fulfills this recipe.

My first impression is about the decor. I passed through the corridor several times before my first visit and like the fresh outlook it brings. The contemporary approach of the bar layout together with some nice touches on tables brings an elegant look. Although this style fits nice in interior, I think a wood only (without linens) concept could fit better for outside. It’s only a thought though, overall the design and atmosphere is really nice.

Coming to food, I’ll jump to the conclusion immediately. We really enjoyed it very much. The Mozzarella choices we had as a starter were all so tasty. The tasting platter had three different varieties of Mozarella. Tasting something original like this is a real plus. The octopus carpaccio, prosciutto, pizza and all other items we ordered that they were really beyond my expectations. I was expecting something in calibre with the café layout but what I experienced was something much more sophisticated. The lady serving to us was polite, helpful, motivated and sincere. We also appreciated this willingness.

After hours of chatting and eating we were really full. At this point I should add our wine choice, which was Kayra Vintage Chardonnay (I don’t remember the year) matched beautifully with our meal. Finally, the lady serving us recommended the Tiramisu. It was heavenly… It sure added a signature to the night

I am really glad to have such a place in that spot. Very Welcome Obika

Note: image taken from the website of Restaurant

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