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L`Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Saint Germain Paris

L`Atelier de Joel Robuchon was on my shortlist of “top see” places for a long time. In the end it was a really spontaneous decision. We were walking on the streets of Saint Germain and all of a sudden I saw the restaurant. We had briefly an hour to catch our train and thereby decided to give it a fast try.

I like the the open kitchen layout with a bold glossy black design . We were more than pleased to sit on the bar to take full advantage of the open kitchen layout. Because it enables you to see what’s been prepared and how it’s been prepared. At the same time it is a more social layout that perfectly matches with the chic ambiance.

 It was lunchtime on Sunday and we did not book in advance but we still managed to find a table for two after a short wait. The service staff was informative when explaining the menu. However the menu was available only in french.

We have decided to take a nibbly approach for food and ordered several appetizers.  Then, as a main course I opted for free range Quail stuffed with Foi Grass and Truffled Potatoes. To be honest I was not sure I had the right choice first but then after tasting, it was amazing. Especially the inside of the quail, which was packed with te delicious foi grass, was so delicious it made my day. A note to add is that menu contains many small items which gives you the flexibility to try different options in one go.

In the end I was afraid that we had only limited time to enjoy and experiment this delicious food. It definitely lived up to our expectations. By the way L`atelier has an impressive portfolio of wine choices. We chose to try several different options therefore ordered by the glass. I got the impression that even if you go for a reasonably priced wine in the menu still the taste is very good. Which means house has done a really good job deciding on the wine portfolio.

In the end, there was no time left for desserts. We have to leave the place with a bit of hurry. The verdict is; we enjoyed it very much and  definitely plan to come back very soon again.  Next time probably with no time constraint to get the most out of it.

Update: L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon is also available in central London and we had booked there twice after this initial experience. The decor and the experience in the ground floor is close to the Paris branch, food is also on par.

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