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Crea Cafe

Crea Cafe, Amsterdam

Update to the post: It appears that the location of this Cafe has been moved to another place. Part of the reason  I wrote about this place was because of  its beautiful location, therefore I am not sure  if any of my comments below applies to where it currently is.

Crea Café is a really a cosy place. I have only been here once as a tourist but felt like at home. I don’t know if it was this boheme feel I never get from London pubs or was it the enthusiasm the students brings that made me felt like this. Whatever it was, this place has something that stems from simpleness. From the posters hanging on the wall to the color of the walls it is a combination of primitiveness and warmness.

A nice jazz music is playing at the background, in some of the tables students are working on their projects with their laptops and in some other corner there is this young crowd chatting and having fun. The environment gives you a positive mood and again at the same time it is peaceful. Outside, there is this beautiful view off canal. Together with the bridge it forms a photographic landscape.


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