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Brasserie Harkema interior 2

Brasserie Harkema, Amsterdam

A high ceiling, modern structure is the first impression you get when you first enter brasserie harkema. It is a nice place in which you can have a nice dinner with your friends and have a quality time. The food is also very good.

Neither the food nor the ambiance is over ambitious though. What I mean is; it is not like some overrated celebrity chef restaurant or uber trendy, expensively decorated flashy place. I personally like that feeling. It gives you a more relaxed but at the same time a decent atmosphere. You can casually decide to have a dinner there without worrying about what dress to wear or only wait for a special occasion to celebrate something special.

The service is really friendly. What I appreciate most was the staff was cheerful and sincere. They did not have this obligatory smile on their face.
To summarize, Brasserie Harkema is a decent place that you can have a good dinner with it s good ambiance, tasty food and nice service. Recommended.

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