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Montenegro Impressions & Knez Knoba, Budva


Montenegro? What is that place? Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific? Well, not exactly. Montenegro is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and not quite far away. It is in Eastern Europe, one of the ex-Yugoslavian republics. Actually it is one of the smallest, and coolest of them. It is because of its gorgeous women, green and friendly environment, high mountains (more than half of the country has an altitude more than 1000 m) and of course, food.

The place I would like to present here is Knez Konoba. Located in Budva, one of the biggest cities in Montenegro (the country is small anyway with ca. 500,000 inhabitants), this extraordinarily common restaurant offers nicefood, hospitability and good house wine. The place is known for its black risotto, cooked with the ink of the squid. It is served as a starter, not as the main dish. For the main dish, I would recommend moules (coming in kg-size platters) with white sauce, or fish plate. Fish comes with kilogram as a whole, fresh from the Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean, and is served with a delicious look – this means with fruits. And red wine is quite nice. The wine is cheap, made from a local grape called vranac, and goes well with sea fruit. It is definitely worth trying.

The place is a family-run restaurant, has only two tables outside and a couple more inside. This means that you get special service and attention. It also means that you feel well, the place serves you fruit, coffee and schnapps without asking you. That schnapps (liquor) is very strong to be honest but I would recommend you to try it. If you ever think about going to the Adriatic coast, want to experience a cozy atmosphere, perfect nature and beaches, try Budva. Then find your way to the old city (called stari grad in Serbian) and taste the food at Knez Konoba.

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