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Hisaronu Koftecisi, Hisaronu, Turkey

Between Datca and Marmaris there is a very beautiful bay called Hisaronu. The ones who follow my comments about sailing would know that I really love sailing in this bay.But every sailing activity starts from a land. Hisaronu Koftecisi is a place I discover on my way to the Marti marina. When travelling from Marmaris Just few km. before you reach Hisaronu there is a left turn towards Selimiye and Bozburun. When you turn left after few km`s afterwards you will see the Hisaronu Koftecisi on your right hand side. A modest quiet place, under the trees… More like a backyard of a house. The “Kofte” however is seriously delicious. Cooked in barbecue presentation is also with some nice grilled vegetables. The joy of such simple menu when tasty like this is beyond words. If you are nearby I recommend you to try this local small restaurant.

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