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Venge, Levent, Istanbul

Venge offers one of the most stylish and at the same time delicious kebap dining experience in Istanbul. As a kebap lover there are plenty of places that I routinely visit. Some offer a more authentic experience; some also combine the taste with a very good ambiance. For a more upscale kebap event I recommend Venge.

The soup they offer at the beginning is perfect especially in wintertime. It is served in a lovely small cup just before you start ordering anything, This I think is a nice gesture. When it comes to food I would start with recommending you the “Doner”. Actually Doner is not the typical food to get in an “Ocakbasi” (term that describes the coal fired barbecue the kebap is cooked) but they really do it well in here. In addition I recommend having “Cop Sis” at least as a side order if not a main course. The taste of this small cut meat is incredibly delicious.

The hot “pide” bread, the small “lahmacun” as an appetizer and side orders you would pick to enrich the experience all are the crucial parts of a lovely kebap experience in Venge. As a main course I recommend “Kaburga” (Rib) and “Terbiyeli Kuzu Sis” (Marinated Lamb Skewers). Although a nice red wine (I prefer a more complex, full bodied red) is a perfect complement with such food, I suggest international travellers to try Raki instead.

I usually skip the dessert after a serious intake of this delicous kebaps but for the ones that has still a place, modern interpretation of the “Irmik Helva” stuffed together with ice cream worth trying. For the ones like me who has passed the dessert, I recommend having a nice Turkish coffee…

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