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İnci Patisserie, Beyoglu, Istanbul

İnci Profiterol-Patisserie is one of the landmarks of the İstiklal Street. They stick in what they do best throughout all those years; to make outstandingly delicious Profiteroles. So many times I travelled Taksim solely to buy this Profiterole and believe me it was not a short distance.

I also like their cool style. The whole emphasis in the store is on Profiteroles. When you look at their store from outside it is not decorated with eye distracting details or fancy accesories. They are aware that people would come here just knowing how great their product is. The word of mouth works just fine  for İnci. If you are at Istiklal street I definitely recommend you to experience Inci.

A delicious dessert like ths is never a thing to miss ☺

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