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Bibucuk, Suadiye, Istanbul

Bibucuk is my beloved place to hang out. Even though I have become a regular customer only for a year now, I like it a lot. First of all the chicken, especially hot wings is probably the best in town. It is as delicious as my father’s special recipe he used to grill in the barbecue.

The quality of service yet is another strength. The personell is cheerful, polite and more importantly very positive. It is also a very nice place to just hang out and have a beer. Beer yes… A really cold crafted Efes goes very well with chicken wings.

Bibucuk offers a pub like environment blended with a restaurant atmosphere. Their new place is at Suadiye. It has a modern atmosphere and an updated look. A very nice crowd enjoys it.

I also miss their previous place at Caddebostan though. The garden area over there was splendid. Unfortunately the building is currently on re-construction so we have to wait a while to see that place in action again. Having said that I recommend their new place at Suadiye without hesitation.

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