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Vapiano, Suadiye, Istanbul

Fresh Pasta is one of the things in life I like a lot. Especially, if it is complemented with a good sauce this menu becomes one of my favourites. Vapiano is a restaurant in Suadiye, with the ambiance and concept successfully fulfils my expectations. Their home-prepared fresh pasta is cooked immediately upon your order with a variety of sauce options you would pick. Customization totally depends on your liking.  The pizzas are also prepared similarly. The base layer is prepared immediately after your request. The taste is again delicious…

The atmosphere is modern, friendly and at the same time stylish. Probably I visit Vapiano more frequently than any other place in Istanbul. The foods are not the sole reason for this loyalty. I like the mood inside. Even if you are not hungry, it is a good option to have a chat and have couple of drinks.

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