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Guler Ocakbasi, Elmadag, Istanbul

I am always ready to favour “Kebap”over any other kind of food. Of course the choice of restaurant plays a crucial role in this motive. In Istanbul there are vast variety of kebap options. I recommend booking a good quality, well known restaurant especially for international travellers.

One of the best places to enjoy kebap in Istanbul is Guler Ocakbasi. (The term ocakbası represents the cooking process of the meat and vegetables in the coal fired large oven) I had been in Guler two times. The taste of the meat was overwhelming at both times. The staff was friendly and above all the price you pay is really reasonable for this quality. Do not expect a fancy interior and overrated crowd here. The authenticity comes also from its modest interior and atmosphere. The last time I ordered couple of Meze’s, a Roka Salad, “Cöp Sis” (Small Meat Skewers) and Adana Kebap together with a Raki of course. It was a lovely evening and I had really enjoyed what I get.

If you are fancy experiencing a more upscale trendy kebap restaurant there are also other nice choices but for a more authentic experience I recommend Guler. Especially if what you are after is a delicious kebap…

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One Response to Guler Ocakbasi, Elmadag, Istanbul

  1. Tanay Evliya June 6, 2010 at 9:44 am #

    A few places in istanbul which can match southern cousine as taste , hospitality and ambiance.

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