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Restaurant Herzl, Salzburg

Hotel Goldener Hirsch is a highly reputable luxury hotel in Salzburg. The website of the hotel lists various reputable sources which rank it as one of the best hotels of the world. Its history dates back to 600 years. It has two restaurants; Restaurant Goldener Hirsch and the Restaurant Herzl. The former one is a fine dining restaurant highly regarded by many critics and travel guides. The other one is a casual restaurant that offers traditional cuisine in a very friendly and homey atmosphere.

Instead of a more flashy, gourmet style dining, we decided to have a more informal but an authentic dining event. After a careful research on places to go we decided to visit Restaurant Herzl for this one-day trip of ours to Salzburg.

The restaurant fit perfectly with our expectations. The service was perfect, the Staff was friendly and the foods were really delicious. I recommend especially the Wiener schnitzel and the Sausage.

Finally, the value you get out of this experience is also superb. The prices are really reasonable when compared with the size of the portions.


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