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Namli Gurme, Karakoy, Istanbul

Namli Gurme in Karakoy is an excellent example of how a restaurant innovatively differentiates itself from what we know as the traditional offering of full Turkish breakfast. At the core of this differentiation lies the Namli’s reputable background as a producer of salami and sausage products. In Turkey “sucuk” and “pastırma” are the most popular types of this type of meat. In addition they are also the ultimate companions of this dream breakfast.

The uniqueness of this place is partially because of its process cycle. The interior of the restaurant is like a big marketplace. A delicatessen to put it more precisely… There are vast choices of cheese and cheese products, olives, cereals, beef selections and many specialty products all displayed vividly. This marketplace also is a nice décor. What you do is basically you come to this place pick whatever you want, tell the waiters in what combinations you want your items and then go back to your table and wait those delicious ingredients prepared to your liking with a great charm.

I recommend you to order “sucuklu yumurta” (Turkish Chorizo with fried eggs) It is one of the crucial elements of this breakfast if you ask me. In addition a cheese platter mix  that includes your favourite picks would be nice. You can combine traditional Turkish cheeses with more common international types like Gouda and Emmantel.

In short, Namli Gurme is a very good place to have a delicious breakfast with the finest ingredients prepared exactly to your liking.

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