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Pizzeria Pidos, Gumussuyu, Istanbul

Pizzeria Pidos is a relaxed, comfortable and cosy restaurant. It has all the charm necessary to give you this warm feeling you get in an authentic Italian restaurant. A wood fired oven, a home like décor with nice touches, a friendly service are all small components that turns this place into a nice restaurant.

Their website states the restaurant is in operation for 10 years now. It is a pity that I only got to know it just month ago.

The foods were also really delicious. I was not in my mood to go for pizza. Instead I tried something different. I ordered Seabass (Levrek) wrapped in white beet leaves with baked potato and tabule and it was so tasty. The presentation of it was even more charming.

Such a relaxed, warm, homey restaurant with good food was something I was hoping to find quite a while. I am really happy to find here.

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