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Pano, Beyoglu, Istanbul

For me one of the characteristic establishments in the Beyoglu area is the Pano. Pano is a winery, a drink house where the drinks are complemented with food in a lively but friendly environment. Especially the appetizers and meze`s are a real good complement to the wine here.

My advice for you is to try their own branded wines. No: 59 and No: 10 are noteworthy. From the meze`s and appetizers; the Cheese Platter, “Kasar Pane” and “Ciger” are my favourites.

I like the ambiance of their saloon at the entrance level. It has an originality and Charm. The décor is nice. The long tables at this saloon are my favourite spot to hang out. There is also a dining area downstairs but the setting there is more like a formal restaurant layout and I do not get this unique feel I get from the entrance level.

It is a place suits really well if you are in a bohemian mood. Lets be more general anyway. If you are in Beyoglu and searching for a decent place to hang out, where you can get socialize in an original setting and taste interesting wines, I recommend Pano.

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