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360, Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul

 360 is probably one of the best options for the upscale dining category in Istanbul. The breathtaking panorama is the unique selling proposition of course. But, other than that the chic atmosphere and lively interior, club like environment, dimmed lights and the Misir Apartment (the building 360 is located) itself are all elements of a fine tuned combination.

Last week I had visited 360 after a long time. The last time I visited there was couple of years a go. To tell the truth, foods were not up to my expectations the last time. This time however in addition to the qualities I mentioned above, the service and the food was also outstanding.
One other thing I like about 360 is the crowd itself. It is not a snob place… The crowd brings a positive mood to the place. People are also elegant which matches well with the total ambiance. There are also many tourists filling up the place. For businessman, when they have an important guest again 360 is a popular choice. The result is a cosmopolite environment, which is a positive catalyst for the overall attractiveness.

Coming back to the food, the starters were okay but not that special at all. I think the menu is not intended to create a regular fine dining style. Rather, it consists of many elements from world cuisine and from Turkish cuisine. We started with Aubergine & Antakya Olive Tian, Beef Carpaccio and Cheese Platter together with Red Wine. The Carpaccio for instance was not presented with charm as I get used to in Italian Restaurants.

For the main course, the Lamb Rack Confit, Slow Roast Cherry Duck and the Duo Fillet which consists of one Asian and one French style prepared fillet were the items we ordered. They all look charming on the plate. I tried all of them and the aroma and taste of the meat was excellent in all of them. It is obvious that the chefs paid high attention in the cooking and preparation of those items, because this tasteful aroma and juiciness that comes from the meat were way better than many promising restaurants I had been.

In short, I spent a wonderful evening dining at 360 and I am glad the foods really fulfilled my expectations.

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One Response to 360, Istiklal Caddesi, Istanbul

  1. Michelle April 6, 2011 at 1:01 pm #

    I went to 360 restaurant and pub on the 1st and 2nd of april, i loved this place, but the problem was that i saw a very nice and cute guy, i think he is responsible of the bar, and i could not comunicate with him, because i don’t know turkish language and he doesn’t know english. I loved this place and coming back after 2 months

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