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L`Epigramme, Paris

Paris is sure a lovely place for many of us. However If you are a tourist with a limited experience it is quite possible that you would stuck with some average restaurants that are expensive when compared with what they deliver. In order to avoid such situation I did a careful study on the places to go. I tried to figure out the recommendations of the major guides. L`Epigramme was one of the places that took my attention from this search. It is on top recommendations list of many guides I trust. It is praised to be a local, comfortable, small restaurant with a very good food that has the potential to give a nice gastronomic experience with a very good value when it comes to the price.

The comments were so positive that I suspect if something was wrong with that. With this information beforehand I entered to the restaurant. L`Epigramme lies in one of the quiet and cozy streets of the highly popular Saint Germaine area, which has many established cafes and bistros. At the very moment I entered to the place I said to myself; ” this will be a really good experience”. The best words to describe the environment and atmosphere would be friendly, warm and classy. The restaurant is really small. Smaller than I have thought, consists of 8 to 10 tables. The crowd is nice. Everybody seems to be happy to be there and enjoying their foods. The gentleman who is serving to the crowd does his job with such elegance that I said to myself he should be owner of the place or something like that. Even though the menu was French he told us the ingredients of the items in the menui and we managed to give our orders without frustration. The soup was excellent. It was so good that I told my girlfriend if the other items will also be tasty as this, they should start think of positing the place as a fine dining restaurant instead of a bistro, at least the food is no below with that par.

I was right, the main courses were no below than a first class presentation. In addition to how delicious the food was, the presentation was also artistic. Normally you don’t expect such level of a gastronomic experience from a more relaxed, modest place like this. But here, everything exceeded our expectations. My main course veal was tender and juicy and the sauce was in great harmony with the taste of it. When all this lovely moments passed and we came to a stage to ask for the bill I tried to make a guest of what will be the price of this experience. The fact is, it was about 40 Euros per person and when compared with the level of service I can confidently claim it as “best value”. If I were the manager I would definitely consider increasing it:) Especially when compared with the night befores disastrous dinner, when we caught up in a touristic bistro late night in Champs Elise and paid 50 Euros for a one course meal, which was neither tasty or special I can hardly believe if those two foods are worth almost same price.

Eventually, my experience at L`Epigramme was one of my all time best experiences… So I was glad to find another noteworthy restaurant in a city I barely know…

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