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Brinkley’s, Hollywood Road, London

Brinkley’s is a place I discovered spontaneously while looking for a parking slot near Fulham Road. The Hollywood Road which it is located is one of the main attraction spots of the Fulham Road. Within 5 minute walk you can find many nice restaurants, pubs and clubs.

Brinkley’s is sure to be one of the finest options in this district. It has a very lively atmosphere. The bar area at entrance is more like a nice pub environment. How can I describe the crowd ? Well it’s full of people who are  fashionably 40’s.

The restaurant is inside. The décor here is also nice. The best is the food however.  It is refreshing to enter from a pub layout  and then indulge yourself with an unpretentious yummy culinary experience. A very nice strategy indeed…  The wine list is also noteworthy, especially the prices are quite reasonable for what you get.

To tell the truth I was totally pleased with this coincidental first visit. I know that it won’t be the last…

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