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The White Horse, Pub, London

White Horse is probably the closest you would get in terms of the ideal social pub experience, especially in summertime. Their outside space overlooking Parsons Green is a gem. You could enjoy your pint of beer, burger or food or could just enjoy the buzz. The great variety of beers available is another remark to make. This is not sort of a pub you go and watch your football match but it is more of a place to get socialise..

White Horse is often referred as Sloaney Pony, I think as a reference to it’s posh clientele. The term in an historical context perhaps refers to the type of upper class stereotype that use to frequent it but the way I see it today is that it has quite a fashionable clientele with people from all sorts of backgrounds. And the mood is very relaxed. In a way that also reflects the general vibe of the Parsons Green where the catalyst of its social buzz is always the young and energetic professionals.

When the weather is good, charcoal barbeque outside is a nice feature. In winter, the tables around fireplace provides good comfort .

To sum up with, White Horse is one of the iconic landmarks of Parsons Green area is one of my favourite pubs in London.

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