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Sporthotel, St Anton Austria

At my first visit to St Anton at 2007 I stayed at Sport Hotel. It was a good, clean hotel with a very helpful staff. The location of the hotel is also perfect. it is conveniently located in the main street just 5 min. walking distance to lifts. What I like about the hotel most however was their food. We stayed six nights and each night was like a heaven to my stomach. I definitely recommend you to dine at least one night in here. The Pool and Wellness area was nice but it was not cutting edge. It would be better I think if the design here is updated.

St Anton is for sure has a lively night life; for those who seek a quiet relaxation I should reming that the main street the hotel is located surrounds some bars and nightclub. Occasionally you can hear people`s voices even late at night. This did not bother me anyway, quite contrary I like that kind of liveliness but if you are not that type be aware that St. Anton is a lively area that is also active in nights.

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