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Sophie`s Steakhouse, Fulham Road, London

Many years passed after my  initial post below about Sophie’s. Today, it is still  one of the preferred hotspots of the Fulham road and is still as lively as it was before. The only difference is London’s steak offerings increased tremendously in recent years and there is a stiff competition on trying to be the one serving the juiciest steak on the block. I think Sophie’s should also gear up their game on that regard to deliver even with a greater consistency and quality to cling on to their precious perception in my mind as being the one to offer  “the best overall experience” as a steak restaurant.

Sophies is definitely on my top recommendation list. It`s Cosy and Friendly. Cocktails are very nice. There is no reservations policy. Unlike the odd thinking that a restaurant is classy if and only if it can be accesed through a reservation, this approach brings a modern dimension. Spontaneous and casual dining opportunity also brings an energetic and lively crowd. This is why I like this strategy and this is exactly why I am a regular customer.

Coming to the place, it is good to have your lovely cocktail while waiting for your place. The signature cocktails are served in big cocktail glasses and the bar staff pay really high attention while making. Water Melon Martini and Kiki`sMojito are among my favourites and the serving is also fashionable. (Couple of times, people asked what I was drinking and then they also ordered the same)

The food is also delicious. Having tried all the steaks in the menu I have to say Ribeye is my favourite.

Good food, nice cocktails but what I like about this place is it`s ambiance. As I have already mentioned the lively and energetic crowd brings a positive mood, you can see this positive mood also with the service staff.   Slightly dark, simplistic and modern decor also suits the ambiance really well.

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