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Pide, Akyarlar

Although I am a customer of this restaurant for years now, I still don’t know its name. I know the location and that’s it.  Ask anyone about this Pide Restaurant in Akyarlar and they will immediately tell you the place. I think their Pide is the best in Bodrum. The summer residents of the Akyarlar Region know very well this small place.

What you have in the menu is the Samsun Pide which is a very tasty selection from the Turkish Cuisine. My advice for the visitors coming abroad is to try local specialties like this whenever you can. But the key here is to find the places that are local but not touristic. Because there are lots of fast food style imitations of those beautiful recipes it’s easy to find feeding yourself in some McDonalds equivalent in local terms. This place however is one of the places you can taste real good Samsun pide that gives you an idea of what this meal is all about.

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