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My Marina, Ekincik, Turkey

In one of the heavenly bays of the Mediterranean, there lies this facility. My Marina is a beautiful place surrounded by the olive trees overlooking a magnificent view.

My Marina with its high class yacht service, friendly staff and with its amazing restaurant offers more than you would think of while sailing from Fethiye or Gocek to Marmaris or the other way around.

Especially the location gives you the option to smooth out the journey from Marmaris to Gocek. Especially for Sail Boats this is a very good news. It is located in a natural protected bay which provides perfect shelter.

The restaurant operates very professionally. It is unique in many ways. A real joyful experience I should say. The service is top notch and the sea food is simply amazing. When you see the pictures of celebrities including royal family members of Europe, first you get surprised considering the place is out of nowhere from the land, then when you evaluate the service, the location and see the magnificent boats surrounding the place you think of it as the expected outcome rather than the random surprise.

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